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Back to blogging.

So first things first. I've rather neglected these blog posts after I started them a year ago. I did start with the intention of doing monthly updates but then life got in the way and I concentrated on my YouTube channel and coping with a pandemic. So I'm going to put that right and start today with monthly updates from the garden.

I hope everyone had the best Christmas they could in the circumstances and Santa brought you everything you asked for :) I didn't get a lot garden-wise except some pots and a solar powered rock light, but I have received most of my seeds for sowing in 2021. I've gone for tried and tested varieties like Ricinus, Cleome and Zinnia as well as a selection of Musa and Ensete bananas. Then there's exciting and unusual species of Solanium and Aeomiums that I'll be growing from seed.

My propagator is chocablock with over wintering tender plants and I'll need more space to start off my seeds and if I want to restart my cannas early. So I may need to invest in a new heat matt very soon and use in conjunction with my new grow tent and grow light.

In 2021, I'm planning to open my garden on 3 Sundays in August as part of the NGS scheme. Tickets are already available from

I'll hopefully have lots of plants for sale as well.

Time to get propagating.....

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