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The winter so far...

Wow! This is my first blog post in around 5 years! I no longer use my old blogger blog. Instead I've started this new website where I'll share gardening updates, how to guides and general exotic gardening musings. Hope you enjoy. :)

So far this winter season it's been wet. Very Wet! From September onwards we have seen above average rainfall each month. This has already taken it's toll on some plants such as my smaller Aloe polyphylla which has rotted away. Damage may also not show up on other plants until spring so we'll have to wait any see if the other arid plants are affected. We've had some early cold as well with many frosty mornings and a low of -3.7c in November. Almost always the coldest months are January and February so the worst may yet to come....

On a cheerier note, my main annual seed order has arrived which includes some old favourites that I grow every year for dramatic summer colour and architectural foliage. Ricinus being one of my favourites. I also grow Cleome every year, the Spider Flower. But for next season I will be trying a new Cleome, Cleome boliviensis which is smaller in stature with white flowers.

Over the coming weeks I'll be reviewing the garden and deciding what changes I need to make. I've already decided on a few things that I will be moving...

Here's my weekly video where I go through all the seeds that I've received and the plans for the coming season.

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